Quit Porn, Step One.


The process of quitting porn can seem like an impossible task. It can seem like a “never gonna happen” scenario. The prospect of quitting something that you’ve done so regularly for so long seems almost ludacris.

In light of this fact, here’s the truth. Here’s the first step to quitting porn. Focus on tonight. Today. Tonight. This one night. This one. Don’t worry about tomorrow. Don’t worry about tomorrow morning. Don’t worry about this weekend. Focus on tonight. And stop right there.

Step 1. Commit yourself to avoiding porn at all costs tonight. No matter what, tonight you will not watch porn. You will not masturbate. You’ll find other things to think about. (Call that friend you haven’t talked to in ages. Write a letter to your grandma. Watch a movie marathon. Read a book. Go to church. Go hang out with friends. Go walk around the park, go exercise. Anything) Whatever you do, don’t give in to porn tonight. Not tonight.

For those of you that are successful, tomorrow morning you will wake with the singular and amazing feeling of having accomplished something. You went your first night free from porn. You survived! You did it. You showed yourself that you have the strength to avoid it.

Step 2 will follow shortly. But for now, let’s master step 1.

May God be with you, may He bless you to stay free from porn this one night: tonight.

We are all recovering, on the inside…


When we see someone wearing a cast, we don’t hurry them along or force them to health. We do all we can to maneuver their broken bone, to work with them, to cheer for their strength and recovery. All of us wear casts: just not on the outside.

– J.S. Park

Lead by example… not control.


One critical thing Jesus taught was that controlling the world is not just impossible but inherently sinful. Our task as Christians is to control no one but ourselves and to love all. Our main weapon must always be example, not control.

~ Fr. Anatoly

End your addiction…


Lay bare your wound to the healer. Only through shame can you be freed from shame. Tell him, and do not be ashamed. ‘This is my wound, Father; this is my injury. It happened because of my negligence and not from any other cause…’ He who exposes every serpent shows the reality of his faith, while he who hides them still walks the trackless wastes.

~ Saint John Climacus

Women’s Headcoverings


A very fine article explaining why Orthodox women wear head coverings in church.

Originally posted on The Orthodox Life:

little_russian_girl_orthodoxFor 2000 years in the Orthodox Church, the tradition has been for women and girls to veil their heads during worship, whether at church for the liturgy, or at home for family prayer time.

What is the Scriptural and Patristic evidence for this tradition, and why is it important?

In this article, we will take a look at headcoverings in the Old Testament, headcoverings in the New Testament, headcoverings according to the early Church, headcoverings in icons, and headcoverings today. At the end of the article there are links to additional resources for learning about Christian headcoverings.

Headcoverings in the Old Testament

Centuries before the birth of Christ, women’s headcoverings were an accepted practice for God’s people. It was not merely an option for those who wished to be holy. Rather, it was a matter-of-fact expectation that all women would cover their heads.

When the Holy Spirit inspired Moses to…

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Bad guys don’t exist…


“In reality, bad guys and good guys don’t exist… each of us, no matter how good, is fallen, and each of us, no matter how evil, is as beloved as the prodigal son.”

~ Frederica Mathewes-Green
The Illumined Heart
(Page 82)