The most perfect one…


Oh butterfly, he sees you in a crowd


One thought on “The most perfect one…

  1. The butterflies in this picture are dead. I see my butterfly as full of life – beautiful, vibrant, and colorful . She takes my breath away. I feel like a man who is being wrongfully targeted for things I that I did not do in this life. If my soul is truly in jeopardy for expressing in words, the wonderful qualities and specialness that I see in another person – then I am in trouble. I do not see my expression of “love” for others (for anyone) as such a terrible thing. I do want to suffer for trying to be a better person in this life. I should not be in this position. This is not God’s way. It is wrong. No one should be meant suffer – because I feel the need to express my compassion for the suffering of others in the form of kind words. Those you are in pain and suffering DESERVE to be loved. It is not wrong. Everyone deserves loved. Everyone NEEDS to feel love. I should not punished for delivering kindness and compassion to those who I feel are need of it. I’m sorry. That is my truth. That is what I stand for.

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