An Ultimate update… friz, that is…


An update.
Team black remains undefeated.  I must report that my team was unable to secure a victory against the only undefeated team in the league.  As it stands, Team black is 8 and 0.  Team blue is 4 and 4.  Team orange is 4 and 4.  Team white is 1 and 7.  Team blue lost to team orange early in the season, and lost the last game of the regular season to team white, but secured a questionable defeat of orange (when blue had four or five subs of exceptional skill and experience, who are not regular members of the team/league).  Orange never lost to white, but lost once to blue, and three times to black.  In that last loss, I scored three points, had an assist, and a D.
This coming Friday are playoffs.  There will be a game of Black (1st) taking on White (4th), and Blue (2nd) taking on Orange (3rd).  The winner of the Blue/Orange game goes on to play the winner of the Black/White game for the championship.  🙂
The league has been a lot of fun.  Some very competitive ultimate frisbee, really nice people, and healthy, furtive competition.  I thank God for keeping me healthy through the season to play regularly.   
There is talk of a winter league as well.  I’m hopeful I will be able to participate, by God’s grace… and if I’m not in some other place entirely. 

I ask for your continued prayers.  Life is never easy.  I have the use of my arms and legs, and can breathe in full use of my lungs.  I know that I am blessed.  .  . Yet some struggles I have that do seem unique, and are quite overwhelming at times.  There is no help for me but for in God.  I place all my hope in that deliverance should God see well to bring me out of the pit. 
May it be.  In God’s purpose and for His glory. 



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