My mother’s sister, my aunt Betty…


How ‘strange it is ‘to Celebrate or ‘Remember, ‘my Sister ‘this day. It today ‘would of ‘been my Mothers Birthday. Betty Razo was born Dec. 6th.
 my sister ‘died on my mom’s birthday. So today marks for our family, “the 12th anniversary of “My Sister loosing ‘her life to Years and ‘years of “suffering from ‘Asthma. 
 I Know its ‘weird ‘but I ‘was NOT even thinking about this, and ‘Last Nite ‘she was again, in my dreams. “last night— ‘she and ‘Me drove up this ‘hazardous mountain, ‘and ‘Snow everywhere, ‘She got out of the ‘car in mY dream’ and took off for a long ‘walk up the mountain.  then after I ‘woke up late this ‘A.M. I ‘realized ‘it was ‘the day that ‘she died ’12 yrs ago.
  God never made a better ‘sister. in real life ‘She never would of ‘been able to walk up a long hike ‘anywhere. without using ‘her inhaler.

  also I know ‘that she is in a better spot….
 lillian  p.s. Sorry this message ‘was a little sad. ‘cheer up.  its all ok….but,I will never forget that day.


(written by my mom in an email she sent this morning)

Interesting too the presence of dreams.   For I dreamed last night of the one I love…  Yet again. 


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