I am thankful for my struggle…



For those of us who don’t learn but through our mistakes, thankfully this is very true. 

It isn’t guaranteed that everyone will find their strength through their adversity, but it’s my prayer that it is true for you. 

My prayer is still day by day, hour by hour, that God’s grace will continue to work in and on me.  He has been merciful to me, even in the midst of my darkness. 

Truly, any strength that I have found has been by God’s mercy in my life.

Interesting too how often God’s mercy has been shown to me through the love of my friends and family… the love of Christ in their generosity of heart and compassion has often come to my rescue.

It isn’t always easy to be thankful for life’s struggles… but I can see that in my life at least… nothing else could have brought me to this place.


6 thoughts on “I am thankful for my struggle…

  1. Its really rare to thank your struggles… I have seen people blaming their situations …. but its really great to see that there are some people who are thankful to their hard times that made them to learn and made them what they are now… My friend me too one of you … ” Thanks to all my Problem ” 🙂

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