Visiting a holy place…




Today my mom and I drove to Chimayo, New Mexico to visit the holy church there. 
Chimayo, properly called Santuario de Chimayo, is a small adobe chapel that was built back in 1817.  The building itself is beautiful and is surrounded by many beautiful areas in the plaza.
From the moment you exit your car you know that you’re in a holy place.  Along the fence that lines the walkway are hundreds and hundreds of crosses that visitors have brought and attached to the links.  The crosses are many and sundry, much like the visitors that make the pilgramage to the chapel.  Some of the crucifixes are adorned and intricate.  Others are little more than two twigs fastened together with a rubber band or twine. 
Everywhere you go there are faces of those for whom prayer is asked.  The walls are covered in with photographs of people for which visitors are asked to pray. 
The church is renowned for the many stories of healing that are associated with Chimayo.  I went to pray.  Praying for healing of heart and soul… praying for God’s mercy.  And pray I did.
It was nice to visit with my mom.  I was able to pray with her as well.  She was brought up in a nominally Catholic family, and so she fairly easily returns with her very Protestant faith to the roots of her heritage.  We prayed the Our Father together.  We also prayed for some particular issues and loved ones. 
I hope to be able to return someday… I hope that my prayers from my soiled lips might be heared. 
Lord, hear my prayer.


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