Hardened in Evil Becomes Good Ground…


When the times are fulfilled and the end is at hand, when the world’s autumn comes and God sends His angels to reap the harvest— what will they find in the barren fields of our hearts? And yet, the time is nearly accomplished and the end close by for each of us, the time which we shall each face even before the common harvest.

But let us not be downhearted. See how the sower goes on sowing among the rocks and thorns and by the roadside. This means that he places some hope even in such fields as these. And we know from the lives of the saints how often a soul which had seemed irreclaimably stifled by sin, blinded by passion, hardened in evil, became good ground, fertile and productive, purified of poisonous mixtures and alien seeds.

~ Fr. Alexander Elchaninov

*     *     *     *

Is there truly hope even for me?  Does He, indeed, place some hope in such fields as these?

I lived irreclaimably stifled by sin; I was blinded by passion, I became hardened in evil…  And yet, God has not left me to die.  Indeed, He has disciplined me- He continues to do so- and not to no effect.   Even the likes of me has found God, here, Sowing among the rocks and thorns.  Glory be to God.

Here are words of truth and hope, dear reader- such words sustain an otherwise hopeless man.


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