My Continual Mistake… even with those I love

Our continual mistake is that we do not concentrate upon the present day, the actual hour, of our life; we live in the past or the future; we are continually expecting the coming of some special moment when our life will unfold itself in its full significance.

And we do not notice that life is flowing like water through our fingers, sifting like precious grain from a loosely fastened bag.

Constantly, each day, each hour, God is sending us people, circumstances, tasks, which should mark the beginning of our renewal; yet we pay them no attention, and thus continually we resist God’s will for us.

Indeed, how can God help us? Only by sending us in our daily life certain people, and certain coincidences of circumstance. If we accepted every hour of our life as the hour of God’s will for us, as the decisive, most important, unique hour of our life – what sources of joy, love, strength, as yet hidden from us, would spring from the depth of our soul!

Let us then be serious in our attitude towards each person we meet in our life, towards every opportunity of performing a good deed; be sure that you will then fulfill God’s will for you in these very circumstances, on that very day, in that very hour.

~ Fr. Alexander Elchinanov


How important, indeed, are these words.  And how they reverberate through my heart like a gong.  I am so guilty of these very things… day after day.  I’m always looking to the future- I’m transfixed with my Hope for the future such that I routinely neglect the very people, their souls, around me as Fr. Alexander so keenly points out.

I take for granted the people around me.  I allow my own self-absorption and insecurity to hurt those around me that I love- I push them away.  I allow my own depression, my own melancholy, and jealousies to bring out a side of me that I am not proud of.  It injures those I love.

How long until they just walk away, warranted.

Lord, hear my prayer.  Forgive me, dear reader- yet again.  Yet again.


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