An Open Question for Christians


When is the Christian community going to stand together and make a commitment to homeschool all our children? 

For too long Christian families have willingly handed their children over to the hands of the State (into the hands of moral strangers) for seven hours a day, five days a week, ten months a year.  Think about that.  Handing your kids over to a social system designed to create non-Christians.

Gone are the days where the public school system upheld anything remotely Christian in ethics or values.  Currently (except for a few classrooms here and there) what is presented as education is secular, liberal indoctrination.  Anti-Christian thought paraded as fact and “science” all day long.

Christian perspectives are not only dismissed as myth and superstition, but they’re openly mocked and berated.  What child could withstand that moral and intellectual assault for four years, let alone twelve?

For how much longer are Christians going to subject our children to the diabolical machine of public education? 
Are you willing to make the commitment and sacrifices necessary to homeschool your children?

(Your thoughts, comments, opinions, questions are welcomed)


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