We were not meant to forget our past


“Scars have the strange power to remind us that our past is real.”

~ Cormac McCarthy
All the Pretty Horses

Much of the life of one in recovery ought to be spent trying to remember the past- actively recalling the past.

Our world lends itself to the present, and to the future.  There’s very little looking back, unless you do so of your own will…  or… if you’re forced to by a power greater than yourself.

A scar can often do this.  A scar- like a divine stigmata- can almost instantly take you back to that moment, take you back to that time you were different… when you weren’t who you are now. 

I encourage you to embrace your scars,  knowing that scars can be emotional, mental, spiritual, as well as corporeal.  And of course, some scars are easier to see, some are more public than others, and still others are deeper than the rest.

My experience has been that it’s virtually impossible to be a new man those times I’ve conveniently forgotten what I once was.

Lord, hear my prayer.


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