Gentle living…


Let your gentleness be evident to all; the Lord is near.

~ Philippians 4:5

Gentleness, kindness, compassion, charity… how important are these virtues and how often does the Bible encourage us to live them in truth! 

When was the last time I treated a co-worker gently?  When was the last time I was gentle to a fellow customer at the grocery store?  What would someone see in me that would show gentleness? 
When I imagine ideal gentleness, I think of a mother.  How a mother treats her baby, that’s gentleness.  So how can transfer that to how I treat those around me on a daily basis?  How may I be gentle to my boss, to my barista?   

I don’t exactly know the answer to these questions.  Maybe today we can focus on gentleness and see how different our actions are accordingly. 

God be with you.


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