Keeping watch for the Enemy…


There are certain sins that have become habitual, and behavior that we would like to change, but seem to repeat, even against our will.

Saint Isaac the Syrian suggested that we confront these struggles head on.
“If you bear your weakness constantly in mind, you will not overstep the bounds of caution.”

Part of the problem is that we allow our guard to be down,
and we find ourselves repeating the same sins over and over.

If we take Saint Isaac’s suggestion, we will keep vigil, watching out for those situations that bring us into moments of temptation, where we find ourselves falling into the same sins, over and over again.

When we keep ourselves vigilant, we are able to avoid those very situations that cause us to stumble, and, with Christ’s help, triumph over our sins.
God’s grace is sufficient to bring about the transformation of our heart, but we must cooperate. Just as a soldier enters into combat prepared, so too must we be vigilant, keeping watch for the enemy. Then, just as the Holy Virgin received the Son of God into her womb, becoming a living tabernacle of the Most High, so too will we receive Christ into our hearts…

~ Abbot Tryphon


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