Buying testimony to win cases…


This article details how Police and Prosecutors paid over $70,000 each to two men inside jail in order for them to “snitch” (give information against other prisoners) so that the prosecutors could have enough evidence to get convictions.

Does this seem right to you?  “Here, we’ll pay you and give you all this special treatment if you get certain other prisoners to give you information.”

Two major points.  These men were “shot callers” very powerful positions within the jail system.  They could have people killed just by giving the order.  Anyone these men talked to would be scared to death and would very likely say almost anything they think they wanted to hear.  So how reliable is this “snitch” testimony?  Not very reliable at all.  Some states even have laws against jail-house testimony because it’s been proven to be so unreliable.

Is this really how we want “justice” found in our nation? Is this really a standard these prosecutors and police should be proud of?  …can we even trust it?

This is happening in our very country, in our very state….

Second, prosecutors were withholding the information from defense attorneys- a blatant violation of the constitution.  Hiding evidence…. 

Inform yourself.


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