…it’s Man that remains the problem…


I have made my peace with God, my conflict is with man.

~ Henri Verdoux, Monsieur Verdoux

Dear reader, I have sinned much in my life.  I have brought much woe upon myself and those around me, those that love me and otherwise. 

I have sought repentance with God.  I have confessed my sins before God time and time again, if not before man.  I believe that God promises to forgive my sins.  I can’t say that I’ve warranted any forgiveness, but I trust God’s word.  God says that my sins are forgiven and I believe that they are.  I have made my peace with God, though my own acceptance of that is a work in progress.

I have made my peace with God, but my conflict is with man.  It’s man that has a hard time forgiving.  It’s my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, even, that seem reluctant to forgive.  Indeed, many, I’m sure, that refuse to believe that God has worked in my life at all. 

My prayer is that God’s forgiveness- and the faith in that forgiveness- can eventually soften the hearts of man… yes, even towards such as me. 

Lord have mercy. 


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