Ruined to the idea of being alone…



It seems foolish doesn’t it? To want someone to share a life that you have always kept to yourself, to feel as though you have reached the end of the road in which you can travel alone, so you wait to step forward holding the hand of another. It’s just so odd, how a heart was so content with it’s own wanderings and then one day was ruined to the idea of ever being alone. Why do our hearts yearn for something so confusing but at the same time so simple? It all seems so crazy but I am going mad with this ache that has settled into my soul, and I hope that one day sanity will be restored when I have found that heart who longs to journey along side me, that heart that looks at me and sees past the foolishness of it all and chooses to love me anyways.

~ T.B. LaBerge
Unwritten Letters to You


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