To overcome addiction…


By the keeping of the Commandments the soul is purified and the mind too is enlightened, and they start functioning as was intended. ‘The command of the Lord gives light and enlightens the eyes’ (Ps. 19:8).

~ St. Dorotheos of Gaza

To overcome addiction, by God’s grace, one must- as a start and always- begin following the commandments of God.  One moment to the next, even after failures, one must do the right thing… again and again. 

After a while, in God’s blessing, doing the right thing becomes easier, it becomes more “automatic”/more of the inclination, as opposed to the past inclination to the evil.  This is a way God answers prayers to overcome addictions.  The prayer is actually following the commandment in any given moment, the answer to the prayer is how the heart of the addict gets slowly transformed into a heart that seeks virtue to God’s glory.


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