Quote by Mary Austin

“We are not all born at once, but by bits. The body first, and the spirit later… Our mothers are racked with the pains of our physical birth; we ourselves suffer the longer pains of our spiritual growth.”


Innocence Project attorney and author discusses wrongful convictions.

Worth eight minutes of your time.

Listen starting at 2:39 until 10:00.  

Michael Harvey is an actual attorney who works on wrongful conviction cases who happens to also be an author of legal thriller novels.  This is a very interesting interview, especially between those times listed above.  

Enjoy.  Keep yourself informed.  


All, with love.  Always.  

New Taxes Here We Come… They’re Getting Us Ready

Yahoo runs this Associated Press article with the headline, “Nearly half of US households escape fed income tax.”

Notice a couple things.

01.  The word “escape” implies that the households (families) are getting away with something, almost as if they’re cheating the system.

Truth: For better or for worse this is the nature of the system as it currently stands.  These families are not breaking the rules, rather their standing is a product of following the rules.

02.  Read between the lines/think about the purpose of this article.  Something like this is the rationale behind the article: If half of the households in the country are getting off free (from fed income tax), then we obviously need a new tax that will cover everybody, i.e., a Value Added Tax (VAT) or some other taxation concoction, right?

Truth: taxation comes in many forms– the American people are already over-taxed.  When you add up all the various and numerous taxes from payroll taxes to property taxes, from gasoline taxes to registration fees, and everything in between, you see that already more (sometimes a lot more) than 30 percent  of your paycheck goes to government.

When it comes to government collecting taxes, enough is never enough.

Always remember: there’s not a revenue problem in Washington, there’s a spending problem.  Better hold onto your wallet because Obama has to find a way to pay for his government take-over of healthcare.  He’s coming for you.

Where’s the God from the Machine?

aspendos-theater-side-aspgrth1Almost two and a half thousand years ago Greek plays were performed in outdoor theaters in front of audiences sometimes as large as nineteen thousand people.  The Greek dramas were then in many ways what movies, tv, radio, and magazines are to us today– public sources for political and social commentary, information, and entertainment.  

Sometimes an actor, playing a ‘god,’ would be lowered from above by mechanical devices wherein the god would usually bring about some sort of resolution to the conflict that would have otherwise been impossible (by mere mortals).  In Latin this ‘god saving the day’ became known as deus ex machina (god from the machine).  Deus ex machina has come to connote any time an author brings about an incredible, all too-easy, resolution to a story.

Law makers today, those Lords in Washington, seem to believe in the god from the machine.  They seem convinced that no matter what they do, no matter how much they grow government, no matter how much they stifle personal freedom, no matter how much they increase fees, costs, and taxes, no matter how much they contradict principles of a free-market capitalistic republic, no matter how much they actually propose and commit acts seen before only in distopias of fiction and tyrannical regimes of history, that somehow things are just going to end up okay.  They seem to trust blindly to some god of ____________ (fill in the blank) to come down from the rafters and save the day.  

Let’s remember that sometimes the gods choose to leave us to our own devices, sometimes the mortals are allowed to be devoured by the Kraken… even a Kraken created by their own actions.


Some believe Obama to be the god from the machine himself.  

Others would liken Washington to the Kraken.